Do you find yourself wondering about an agile question, and wishing you just had a "touch and go" solution?

a one time lecture, course, question and answers, light , no strings attached and no long implementations, training  or preaching. 

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Our agile clinic is just for you!

Join an intimate, private, not crowded or overpacked (up to 5 participants) session/lesson, where you have plenty of time for questions and examples and personal attention about agile topics.

Our clinic subjects:

How to decompose an effective and good user stories out of epic or feature?

How to do capacity planning?

How to encourage my team to share good and bad inputs in retrospectives?

Everything is important?! How to prioritize your feature backlog?

Who am I ? (a deep look into the different roles: PO and SM)

What makes a good feature?

Wondering how to effectively plan a sprint?

How to conduct an effective online retrospective?

Identical twins or total strangers? DOD and Acceptance criteria?

To be or not to be (a SM)? The difference between a traditional TL role and SM role

Wondering what's the difference between user story, feature, epic, task etc? 

What’s my role as a scrum master?

How to keep my team effective during corona day

What is the difference between capacity and velocity?

PO/PM and in between - an open talk about where one ends and the other begins

Zoom us for quick answers.

Do you find yourself endlessly searching the internet for a small specific piece of information,a topic you wish you just had someone to ask? Do you get bombarded with gigantic articles and a sea of information.

If you have any other subject or question you need to address, please don’t hesitate to ask.​