The best solution for staying at home family during coronavirus crisis

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For thousands of families kids and parents who have been asked to work remotely, coronavirus remains a concern means extra challenges when trying to balance the demands of work life and home life.

This book holds lots of tips and tricks to help you set your home schedule and tasks:

  • What will you learn reading this book?
  • How to get things done with your kids?
  • How to set your home schedule
  • How to make  kids accountable for their tasks
  • Improving your day to day activities with your kids
  • And having fun on the way

How do you do it?

  • Dinner daily meeting (set our next tasks, understand our current assigmnets)
  • A family Task board
  • Weekly Retrospective
  • And weekly planning for the next week schedule

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Disclaimer: The views shared here are my own. Assistance from a language model was employed for organizing and summarizing my thought. Some of the accompanying images were created using AI technology.

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