May 1, 2019

The Agile Product Owner Vs. Product Manager

The Agile Product Owner Vs. Product Manager Fоr few years, реорlе hаvе dеbаtеd whаt thе difference bеtwееn the product manager аnd thе product оwnеr rоlе iѕ, if thе rоlеѕ саn coexist or nоt, аnd whiсh […]
November 4, 2018

Online Free Course – Agile Product Owner – Basics (request access)

What is Agile Product Owner? what is his role and his primary goal?  What is the Backlog and planning?   Is Agile just a Software thing? What are the 6 Levels Of Agile Planning?
May 12, 2018

Why is it difficult for Delivery and Development to work together? (#2)

Part #1 By now we understand that in today’s world R&D and operations must work closely to achieve the goals of the company. Fast deployments, short iterations, quick value dictate cooperation between these two departments. […]