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I really enjoyed working with you and Shirly. My concern with consultants is that they come with a textbook, but you have adapted the process to every team and project at every stage. Generally, consultants have a limited set of solutions in their sleeves and they pull out what is needed. You, on the other hand, observe and come up with a unique and innovative solution. In addition, the process is always built with the team and thus improves buy-in. The result is that you optimize the specific teamwork and it is much more powerful and sustainable.
Shirly is working with me and my team for almost a year. My team is responsible for the DevOps implementation in Amdocs and working in a mega huge scale. My main goal by bringing Shrily to work with us was to take an internal Amdocs organization coaching team to the next level. We wanted to be ahead of the industry, been internal with professionality of externals. Shirly did a magnificent work with us. Shirly bring with her vast knowledge, experiace and impressive coaching capabilities. She know how to work to the deepest team level and how to scale to thousands of employees. I worked with many Vendors that provides Agile and DevOps coaching, Shirly was the only one that took the journey to this professional level, considering physiological aspects and feedbacking us in a way that push us forward. Each coach in my team evolved due to this journey and expend capabilities. Today we can say that we achieved our goal and heading forward with full power a lot due to Shirly's coaching and guidance.
Shirly was proved to be THE agile coach, after several consultants we've worked with. She was just integrating naturally to our scrum teams, sharing her experience and wisdom in a very collaborative way. This, combined with great personality, allowed the teams to embrace any change easily. She was always careful to be the consultant, giving her advises but allowing us to make the decisions ourselves while respecting every decision we made. We've also hired her to practice agile in our offshore development center - which was a great success. Shirly has great knowledge and the ability to share it with everyone using her built-in communication skills, which make her a real talent in our industry
Shirly was the heart behind our journey into Agile, with a rare combination between a Personal mentoring , Agile spirit coaching and Organization methods understanding, Shirly knows how to analyze the teams needs, address it in the right way and suggest PRACTICAL ideas to follow. As an R&D manager that acquire her services for 3 scrum teams, I had several Agile coaches tries before her, all were pretty much the same story - general theoretical suggestions. Shirly from the other hand was always down to earth, focus, quick, sharp and with her previous experience as an R&D manager herself we managed to handle things differently. I'm great-full I had the opportunity to learn from her experience and by this successfully implementing Agile (and more) in my department. Looking forward to work with her again
Shirly was my team's consultant and coach for the last 1.5 years. I think having her around created a tremendous improvement both for me personally and for all of us as a team. The intelligent and humble touch of her can move mountains. I think Shirly has an ability to really see through the complex situations and people, and the combination with her extensive knowledge in Agile and DevOps principles, makes Shirly the real asset and I am lucky I had this opportunity to be coached by her. Hope our paths will cross also in future.
Shirly, I really appreciate it and i feel very flattered and i thank you for the recommendation. You are an Exceptional person from which i have learned a lot professionally and personally! Hope to work with you soon again 🙂
I had the pleasure working with Shirly during the past year as part of E2E Agile implementation project in our company. Shirly did a real great job analyzing and identifying almost immediately the improvements needed and support us with full commitment during the implementation phase. Shirly is very process oriented person with vast experinece and knowledge in the QA field. Shirly is a true team player with great communication skills. I would love to work with her again in the future
Tommy, you have the ability to distill from the noise the main thing: what's the problem? What people can do about the organization? I couldn't find anyone I could hold the kind of conversations with. Stop for a moment and look at things quietly. I knew I could be completely open even though you were talking to my managers, too.
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