Using Atlassian Jira Agile effectively - Training

It has never been easier to learn Jira with Agile methods

Using Atlassian Jira Agile effectively - Training


This Training will focus on Atlassian Jira as a tool to use effectively wil agile principles for team and agile project work. 

What you will Learn?

How to...

How To build and track Scrum and Kanban workflows with Jira

How to...

How to Configure Jira to best fit your agile work


Best practices to avoid common pitfalls


Utilize reports to increase visibility and transparency

The topics

This course will cover:

Basic concepts of Jira: Understanding JIRA Projects and Issues

JIRA for Agile - SCRUM and Kanban

Overview of scrum, including scrum concepts such as increments, sprints, sprint goals, team , Product , scrum master , backlogs, estimation, velocity, scrum reports, events.

Kanban : working Jira with Kanban or scrum ban

Strong measurements and visibility

Configuring Jira to match your agile process

Collaboration with other tools/plugins

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