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June 8, 2020

Story points – number that tells the team a lot more then just size

What are story points? what do story points represent and why there are better than hours? we on Wechange will talk about all this and if you want to know all about this subject ,read […]
May 25, 2020

How to Combining agile and waterfall projects side by side?

It is not unusual to find iterative or agile projects in an Enterprise organization that must survive in a mixed environment with Waterfall. so how do we combine those two in one organization? Read this […]
May 24, 2020

C-SUIT Agility- A critical capability for today’s business

What is agility? what does it mean to build an agile organization? what are the steps that large companies successfully used? we on Wechange will talk about all this and if you want to know […]
May 7, 2020

The best solution for staying at home family during coronavirus crisis

For thousands of families kids and parents who have been asked to work remotely, coronavirus remains a concern means extra challenges when trying to balance the demands of work life and home life. This book holds lots of […]
May 4, 2020

It is a fact, online video calls are exhausting. But why is that?

So many people are reporting similar with online calls whether it’s zoom or Google Hangouts or anything else, online call are exhausting. Online conferencing has helped us to adapt and carry on during this stressful […]
April 27, 2020

Being & Doing Agile in Customer oriented care and Operations Organizations

“Agile is one of the hottest management trends for companies across industries, and with good reason. It has tremendous potential to revolutionize customer care and operations and unlock the value of front-line employees, who represent […]