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Self organized Teams

Self organized Teams By Shirly Ronen – Harel Why do you Need Self Organizing Teams in an Agile Environment? By Kiss Flow Project What is a self-organizing team? Unlike traditional teams, self-organizing teams do not

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4 reasons why best practice is not always best

As your company grows and becomes more successful, you’re likely to hear the words ‘best practice’ more and more often. They feature in conversations with colleagues, technical standards, motivational art and pretty much anything else

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To Kanban or not to Kanban?

To Kanban or not to Kanban? How can you tell if Kanban is right for your team? What does it mean to implement Kanban? Before we even start to talk about Kanban, let’s stop for

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How to do a successful daily meeting

Value leads the conversation, what is the value in progress, leading visibility, the end of each daily routines, and more.  Imagine we are part of a basketball team in the middle of a very important

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