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We help enterprises, as well as startups, accelerate their business and build the needed mindset and process to deliver on time, frequently, and with better value. We are a group of leading experts in Agile/Lean/Business solutions. WeChange’s experts have experience in training, consulting, coaching, and implementing in organizations ranging from startups to big companies in a variety of industry segments. Helping product development, as well as IT organizations, improve their outcomes, predictability, quality, productivity, and employee engagement using lean and agile methods. We also specialize in coaching multi-disciplinary and remote located teams in locations like India, Ukraine, Romania, and more.
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 Shirly Ronen Harel has proven successful experience in providing agile solutions using methods like Scrum, Kanban, Agile Testing, Agile product, DevOps, agile project management and such. She has experience with agile assimilation  with large companies, as well as small companies and startups.

For the last 15+ years she has been leading big quality management groups and served as a QA director in a few companies. In the last few years she has been implementing Agile /Lean solutions.

Shirly holds a BSW degree from the University of Tel-Aviv (1995) and also had few years experience with families and individual therapy at a crisis stage.

She is the author of the agile kids  book and just published a book about personal agile coaching.

Tommy Quitt  has been managing  engineering organization’s, business units and operations in a variety of organisations for 20 years.

He is a speaker at international conferences about DevOps and Agile.He has managed cross-border delivery organizations delivering multi million projects to tier 1 customers all over the globe.

He has turned around organizations, improving profitability and efficiency, implemented post-merger integrations, and set-up nonexistent technical and business establishments. He works today with different types of software organizations employing a unique approach to management that combines agility with people skills and deep technological understanding. Has a BA in computer science and psychology and an MBA.

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