We use agile methodologies to sharpen focus and elevate purpose.

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We are a team of experts with extensive industry expertise fully devoted to optimizing the efficiency and accelerating the delivery of your entire organization.

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Our Services

We help enterprises and startups accelerate their business and build the mentality and process to deliver on time, frequently, and with better value.

With over three decades of experience in Agile/Lean/Business solutions, we are experts in the field.

WeChange’s experts provide training, consulting, coaching, and implementation services to startups and larger companies in a variety of industries.

We help product and IT organizations improve outcomes, predictability, quality, productivity, and employee engagement with lean and agile methodologies.

We have experience coaching people worldwide, including countries such as India, Ukraine, Romania, the United States, Poland, and beyond.

Agile Transformation​

We identify your unique challenges, leveraging our firsthand experience, to craft a customized strategy aimed at establishing a nimble, learning-oriented organization.

Agile Mastery For Software Managers​

We specialize in guiding software managers to find the balance between empowerment and guidance, as well as between predictability and flexibility. Our hands-on coaching simplifies the complex role of being an Agile manager.

Product Management

We teach strategies to build products in short increments, giving product managers the opportunity to adjust the plan along the way.

Team Coaching and training

We join the day-to-day activities of a team, helping them achieve effectiveness and focus. Because we work "in the trenches," we can build an overall picture of the situation and suggest a harmonized solution across the organization.

Agile Quality & Testing

We excel in Agile quality and testing, embracing 'shift left' practices and automation. Our approach combines an Agile mindset with a focus on maintaining high standards without compromising speed.

Management and Employee workshops

Our workshops help the organizations enhance their capabilities, from within, encouraging open and honest discussions that create meaningful change.

IT Agility

We specialize in implementing automation and infra-as-a-code principles within IT organizations, building custom processes and mindsets tailored to their needs, all with the goal of reducing SLA times and minimizing costs.

Agile in Customer Service and Professional Services

We have successfully streamlined operations and customer service organizations, shortening SLAs and shifting the focus to value creation.

Agile in Project Management

We adapt project management methodologies to align them with Agile ways of working. Project and program managers transition from being mere status reporters to becoming contributors to project success

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